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"Good food, great company and lots of drinks." It's the Korean way

We always get asked what “Ohsso” means and where the name comes from, and the simple answer is it’s short for “ohssosayo” which translates to “get in here!”. five hours south of seoul lies Busan the port city famous for its beautiful beaches, friendly people, streetfood and amazing nightlife this is where Hyeon Yeong park founder of ohsso grew up, moving to Melbourne she would always remember the street vendors crying out ohssosayo to attract passer bys to come and eat their delicious foods wheather it be egg bread, Ddeokbokki, fishcake skewers or even live crayfish.

Home of Korean Street Food


So when she decided to open up a restaurant in hardware lane Melbourne it was only natural for her to bring out the memories from her childhood, with this in mind she wanted to a place that comprised of good food, great company and lots of drinks! after all thats the Korean way. so what are you waiting for Ohssosayo!