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We always get asked what "Ohsso" means and where the name comes from. The simple answer is that it is derived from a Korean word ‘ohsssayo’ that translates to "Get in here!".

How did we start? Five hours south of Seoul lies Busan, the port city famous for its beautiful beaches, friendly people, street food and amazing nightlife. This is where Hyeon Yeong Park, the founder of Ohsso grew up. After moving to Melbourne, she would always remember the street vendors alluringly shout ‘ohssosayo’ to attract the people passing by to come and eat their delicious Korean delicacies, may it be simple egg bread, Ddeokbokki, fish cake skewers or raw crayfish.

So when she decided to open up a restaurant in Hardware Lane, Melbourne, it was only natural for her to bring out the memories of her childhood. With this in mind, she wanted to create a place which should be known for good Korean food, great company and lots of local Korean drinks! After all, that's the Korean way.

So, what are you waiting for? Ohssosayo! Ohssosayo!

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"Good food, great company and lots of drinks."
It's the Korean way

Lunch Menu

Dosirak is Korean for “lunch box” Our lunch box includes your choice of meat (or vetegarin).

Warm Treats

Sweet & soft goldfish shaped bread baked to order with red bean or custard filling,

Korean Alcohol

Native Korean spirit with a slight sweetness, it pairs greatly with our food at Ohsso.

Ohsso Signature

Pork cartilage stir fried with onions and our house made hot sauce. Perfect match with our rice balls.


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